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Huang Luo Yao Village

Huang Luo Red Yao Village is a mountain village at the hillside of Longji rice terraces, facing the golden river, at the started circling up to Longji area, 20 km from Longsheng county.

The Red Yao Village is famous for "Long Hair Village" and has gained world renown as another Longji terraced landscape, "the world a must." You can find a woman with long hair down to earth somewhere else, but all women in Huang Luo Yao villager are long-haired.

Why do Red Yao women have the custom of long hair? How to conserve their hair in black? Because of drinking pure spring? Eat coarse grains and pure mountain green vegetables? Because they use rice washing water to wash their hair? So far no clear answer.

In addition, the dance of Red Yao women are even more graceful also because of their beautiful long hair. On a sunny day, the scene of Red Yao women washing hair in the golden river, it is an interesting red Yao do a custom painting.

Long Hair Village
Long Hair Village

There are some other Red Yao villages in Jinkeng terrace area. The main attractions are in the Tiantou Village and Dazhai Village.

Huang Luo Red Yao Village
Huang Luo Red Yao Village

1. the best time to visit:
Every year since Lunar calendar April 15 after the terraces drainage start terrace and the annual Mid-Autumn Festival two weeks later. Snow in Longji is also great, but the snow time unpredictable. The hottest month is July, the average temperature of 28.3 degrees; the coldest time is in January, with average temperature of 7.9 degrees.

2. the best viewing and photography place: Ping'an
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