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Minorities in Longji, Longsheng

Guilin Longsheng is located in the northwest, 88 kilometers away from Guilin with an area of 2442 square km, population 170,000, of which Dong, Yao, Miao and Zhuang minorities accounted for 75%, which is where the largest concentration of ethnic minorities in Northern Guangxi. Longsheng is the first autonomous county in Southern China.

It is a mountainous area here, you will find green mountains everywhere. The whole area is urrounded by magnificent old trees and high mountains, which formed a barrier to the outside world. The local people have long been detained by the barrier. It has rich resources, but sparsely populated. The ancestors of the mountain people were seeking shelter in Song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty and moved into this remote mountains and reclusived, living in a primitive way untill now. They formed a very different way of lives and strong ethnic customs in comparison with Han Chinese customs.

Mountain poeple looked curiously at us, and we look forward to them more mysteriously, Longsheng is amazing in this dim world, no wonder people call Longsheng is the "Guilin Shangri-la."

Young people are able to drink here. The girl here, usually dressed in costume Zhuang, often in a corner head out of shrinking brain, timid. They are also able to drink, they have small young masculinity, a bowl of one, frankly. You will see Dragon's Back mountain of truth from Dragon's Back watery liquor. Drink it or not, or just sit and watch, you will be very frustrating.

Lonjig is a microcosm of Longsheng. It looks like a magnificent watercolor painting. Lojing Rice Terraced fields in Longsheng is the world of painter's and photographer's paradise.

Minorities in Longji
Minorities in Longji

As the Dragon's Back terraced located in the mountains over 800 meters above sea level, the farmers only plan one crop rice each year. When morning fog enfolds the terraces in Spring, Longji rice terraces become a truly beautiful wonderland. When the peasants began to terrace irrigation nursery, the entire terraced landscape, a vibrant scene.

You'd better stay in Longji Ping'an village one night, you will enjoy nice view at the beautiful terrace. There are quite a lot family hotel at Ping'an Village, simple but very clean, in general, the price for ordinary room is 60 yuan / room, standard room 120 yuan / room, decorated luxury and the best viewing sites are also only 200 yuan / room or so.

The majority of hotels in Jinkeng terraced are located in Dazhai village, and just ordinary rooms are available in the most of these hotels. Number One viewing platform is just next to the Jinkeng Panoramic Hotel which has better internal facilities, but the price a little expensive, and you at least have to walk a half hours to arrive.
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