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Xiapu Mudflats, Fujian

Xiapu is a coastal county in Ningde, Fujian Province. It has the longest coast line in Fujian and the largest mudflat in China. Xiapu attracts a lot of tourists and photographers for its unique coastal scenery. Due to the pleasant seawater temperature and plenty of sunshine, the Xiapu mudflats are rich in kelp, laver, oyster and yellow croakers. Locals living along the beach are mainly engaged in marine culture. The bamboo poles, fish nets and stone columns that are inserted in the mudflats are used to dry kelp, laver, oyster and other marine products. As the sun rises and sets, the tide rises and falls, the bamboo poles, fishing boats and fish nets form various spectacular sceneries. To both tourists and photographers, the mudflats are paradise on the sea. Anyone that sees the mudflats would be amazed by the spectacular view.

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