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Sunrise in Longji

In order to watch the sunrise of Longji terrace, you need to stay overnight in a wooden farm house of Tiantou village. It will be a wonderful dawn to watching the sunrise if you get a good weather. You should get to the view points at about 6:30-7:00 am or a little later while in winter.

There are three mainly viewing points in Jinkeng terrace field, where you can enjoy different views of the scenery. View point No. 1 is the best location to view the sunrise, while No. 2 is best for watching the sunset, it also good for watch sunrise and No. 3 has the best panorama. Trekking to view point No. 1 and No. 2 from Tiantou village takes about 15 minutes, while round trekking to No. 3 takes about three hours. If necessary, you can take a torch and follow the tourist guide to get there.

Sunrise in Longji

Of all the four seasons, autumn(Sep, Oct, Nov) is the best time to watch the sunrise. Furthermore, the wonderful golden rice fields can be seen during sometime of the Season.

Edited By Bruce Photograph taken by Mr. Lin Wenhong
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