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Zhuang Minority in Longji

Zhuang people are one of the ancient and special Chinese minorities. Those who live in Longji still retain the typical features in their costumes. Men wear short gowns of coarse cloth, while women wear the laced shirt and are coifed on their heads.

The Zhuang people's village in Longji is reputed as 'the Garden of Eden in China' by foreigners. There are more than 100 families in the village. The Zhuang people live on rice cultivation on the terraced rice fields from one generation to another.

Every family likes to produce a sweet beverage. The beverage is made by an aboriginal way: put the fermented sticky rice into a cask, then the cask is put down on a caldron, and cooked for long time, the fermented sticky rice is steamed until the beverage flow out.

Zhuang Minority in Longji
Zhuang Minority in Longji

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