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Red Yao Women, Longji

Yao nationality is one of the most frequently migrated nationality in ancient China owing to the chaos caused by wars. Red Yao men's dress basically has no features any more, but the middle-aged and old women still have the habit of wearing traditional costumes. Girls start learning embroidery and weaving since they are seven or eight years old. Bridal dress and all family's clothes are made by the Red Yao women's hard-working hands. Among fields between green mountains and blue waters, the Red Yao women in pink shirts and black skirts always so beautiful and charming.

They have long hair and love to sing, they like to wash their long hair in the spring water, which might be the secret of how they have such long hair. Enjoy the tea of the Yao and the Long-Hair-Show of Yao women.

Edited By Bruce Photograph taken by Mr. Lin Wenhong

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