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Longji in Summer

The terrace is planted with rice. Because of the climate and geographical location, there is only one harvest a year. But just because the harvest is only once a year, the rice is concentrated with the essence of nature. When the summer time comes, scan you eyes around, mountains are all green, as if a vast green sea, full of vigor. Everything is so vivid, even the breeze is different from anywhere else. it is so exhilarating.

The hot spring scenic spot is located in dense forest, a place of only on average 3.4 hours sunshine per day, annual average temperature of 17.1 degrees centigrade and he average summer temperature of 24.1 degrees centigrade, 10 degrees centigrade cooler than the outside world.

This is the best place for summer bathing. To allowed your body immerse in harmony with nature, the feel of the lush natural forest trees and breathing fresh air, relax all the nerves and bones, enjoy the physical and mental relaxation.

Edited By Bruce Photograph taken by Mr. Lin Wenhong
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