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Baoguang Temple, chengdu

Baoguang Temple is also known as the 'Divine Light' Temple and is located in the county of Xindu which lies about 18 kilometers from Chengdu city. It is not only one of the oldest temples in Sichuan Province, but is also one of the four most renowned Buddhist temples in South China.

Tourists coming to this wonderful temple can see ancient relics, huge pillars, five spacious halls and sixteen courtyards. The Cangjinglou Hall is recognized as the most beautiful and biggest hall of Baoguamg Temple. You can watch the various displays on the walls of the hall, the "Running Horses" drawn by the famous Chinese artist Xu Beihong, cultural relics like Shelizi, an ancient cooking vessel and other precious paintings and sculptures.

Do not miss to visit the Arhat Hall to have a glimpse of the 577 kinds of beautiful sculptures. These were engraved by the renowned Chinese sculptor Li Guangxiu and his disciples. You will be amazed to find that each of the statue features a unique posture and expression.

Today, the history, architecture and majestic sculptures, not to mention the peaceful environment and excellent guest services , have made the Baoguang Temple a popular destination for travelers from China and abroad.

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