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Chengdu Tazishan Park

Tazishan Park is located in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu, covers an area of 410 hectares, The park has lush forests and secluded environment. There are Winter plum blossom, begonia gardens, Ziwei garden, bamboo forest, fishing pond and other scenic areas.

The park has 40,000 trees of more than 80 species and also near 100 species of bamboo, covering about 80 acres. People here are playing, fishing, climbing tower and overlooking, having a picnic, or just have a good cup of tea.

The Jiutian tower is located in the park, it up to 70 meters in height and has a total of 13 layers. The design is sophisticated, of unique structure, melting tower and pavilion into one. A combination of ancient architecture and modern folk art, highlight the local characteristics, a magnificent landmark for Chengdu parks.In order to facilitate the tourists to board, the use of elevators and corridors are used.

There also a Birds Singing Forest in the park, covers an area of 30 acres. It is a collection of birds from all over the world, nearly 150 species of a total of about 5000 birds. It is a good place to have fun while learning some science knowledge as well.

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