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Genting Mountain, Chengdu

Genting Mountain is located in Jintang county, Chengdu. The scenic includes the Genting Hill, Hantan ancient wharf, Small Three Gorges, Nine Dragon Beach, Shanxue Temple, Fortress Hill and the Tianxin cave, with an area of 67 square kilometers.

Genting Mountain is 982 meters above sea level. It is tall and straight, tower into the cloud. The cliffs are like being cutting by axe. The mountain is perfect for building fortifications, it is one of the eight most important fortress defense system in Song Dynasty.

the lawn with a variety of grass and colorful wildflowers, which on the top of Genting Mountain, forms a unique landscape. The lawn stretches for miles, like a large golf course. The edge of the lawn protruding forest of pine and spruce.

White yak on light green grass and deep green forests consist a pastoral painting scenes. Tourists can stroll in the beautiful scenery or find a piece of flat stone, sit on it, and listen to birds, smell fragrant flowers, look at the white clouds and the blue sky, breathe the natural oxygen, when a cool breeze blowing, it felt as you are in Wonderland.

Genting Mountain has always been vital for the military. In Southern Song period, the military defense fortification of the Song-Yuan War was built on the mountain.There are eight gates walls ,fortifications, barracks, wells, guard posts, military wharfs and other military sites exist. It has become a famous tourist destination.

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