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Chengdu Qingchengshan

Qingchengshan Mountain is 75 kilometers from Chengdu City. The green tree cover on the mountain gives it its name (meaning Green City Mountain). There are 36 peaks, Laoxiaoding (the highest peak) being 1,600 meters above sea level. There are many scenic spots. It is a famous Taoism mountain. Many buildings that have been used for Taoist activities are well preserved.

The mountain consists of two parts - the anterior and the posterior Qingchengshan Mountain. The anterior mountain is famous for its beautiful scenery and numerous cultural and historic sites, while the posterior mountain is noted for its paradisiacal scenery, which is primitive and brilliant, gorgeous and mysterious.

Round mountains, surrounding rivers, green peaks into cloud, quiet and deep tracks, etc. are Qingchengshan Mountain's characteristics. There are thick ancient forest provide shelter from the sun, cliff and precipice, plank road and small bridge, deep water-eroded cave, thousands pieces of mammary calculus, singing birds and fragrant flowers. Here, every scenic spot are ancient, primary, supernatural, beautiful and full of charm.

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