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Chengdu Happy Valley

Chengdu Happy Valley, an amusement theme park developed by China's OCT Group, which covers an area of 470,000 square meters in Jinniu District of Chengdu, cost nearly RMB 1 billion for its first phase of construction. It is in the first batch of national AAAAA level tourist spot.

Chengdu Happy Valley has the features of " fashion, dynamic, fun and fantastic". The passionate experience attracts countless visitors at home and abroad. In the first month after its opening on Jan. 18, 2009, it had received around 400,000 tourists

The park is consist of seven theme area: Sunshine Harbor, Happy Hour, The Caribbean Cyclones, Charming Bashu, Flying Island, The Magical Castle, Leap Across The Mediterranean.

Experience the thrills of the Happy Valley park! It owns China's first Mega roller coaster, China's first combination design of two roller coasters, China's longest double-upgrade mine cars, China's first top rotary flight island, China's largest 4D screen theater and China's first twin tower space shuttle. It has a total of 16 sets top international and domestic large-scale recreation facilities and equipment.

There are also a more than 20 million investment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film special effects' real performances from the United States.

The joy float parade, birds show, the cartoon theater for children, funny clowns, magic shows, acrobatics circus, hip-hop dance, extreme sports, all these things could bring the joy to the boiling point!

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