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Sansheng Flower Village, Chengdu

As the name suggests, Sansheng Flower Village has been famous for its flowers. It is an ecological leisure resort contains sightseeing, entertainment and business meeting, with agriculture and rural tourism as its theme.

You'll see many kinds of flowers here. There're many farmhouses offering special food and lodging. The most beautiful spot here is He Tang Yue Se(means lotus pool with moonlight),which is AAAA level tourist spot.

Sansheng Flower Village make full use of the abundant scenic agricultural resources. In order to create a cultural environment, there are themes for the four seasons: hundreds of flowers contend beauty in Spring, "Moonlight in the Lotus Pond" in Summer, graceful charm of chrysanthemum in Fall and plum blossom in Winter.

Also there is another theme of farming culture, "Jiang's kaleyard ". These five scenic rely on each other, formed the "five golden flowers" and become one of the best rural tour line in Chengdu.

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