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Chengdu Dayi Liu Manor

Dayi Liu Manor is located in Anren town, Dayi County, the west of Chengdu Plain, Sichuan Province. It is 48 kilometers from the historical and cultural city Chengdu. The manor covering a total area of more than 70 thousand square meters and have a total of 545 rooms. The manor is consist of five residence and an ancestral home, built by Sichuan landowners Liu and his brother. It was built in the late Qing Dynasty and finished in the late of Republic of China.

In October 1958, Dayi House Gallery was formally established. As an important historical sites and a representation of China's modern architecture, Dayi Liu Manor was announced the National protected key units by the State Council. In November 2001, Liu manor was given the title as the national AAAA grade scenic tourist spot by the National Tourism Administration.

Dayi Liu Manor has received views near 100 million tourists at home and abroad. It has become a systematic collection and an academic display of Chinese feudal semi-colonial cultural as well as the Sichuan warlords history information.

Liu manor has 2770 pieces of relics, including 39 at the international level and 113 pieces of artifacts. There are a wide variety of furniture , large quantities of gold and silver jewelry ,antiques ,calligraphy and so on. The Liu Manor distinctive architecture has the combination of Western-style and China's feudal style, thus have high historical and artistic value.

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