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Chengdu Huanglongxi

Huanglongxi, located in the south of Chengdu Plain, 40 kilometers away from Chengdu, is a small town with a history more than 1700 years. It is a old town based on tourism and agriculture, a popular tourist destination

its rustic charm has been well restored. The buildings are in the Qing Dynasty style. Their roof, with pointed eaves, spot tiles are often encrusted with aged moss, giving them an aged look.

These old buildings attract so many film makers to shoot exterior views, it has become well known for old temples in Huanglongxi, Zhenjiang Temple, Chaoyin Temple and Gulong Temple.

Ancient government court yard are very attractive. On the ninth day of the sixth and ninth lunar month, the big temple fairs recreate the lively scenes of olden days. The ancient town gates, temples, buildings and antiques, are in sharp contrast with modern cities.

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