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Xiling Snow Mountain, Chengdu

Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain, the highest mountain in Chengdu. is a national scenic resort in Dayi county, Sichuan province. The resort is about 95 kilometers away from Chengdu and covers an area of 482.8 kilometers. Its peak, Daxuetang, is 5364 meters high and is capped with snow all year round.

Xiling Snow Mountain is the largest and best-equipped skiing resort as well as snow park in China. When it snows in winter large amount of people will rush to this place for snow entertainment. It is also a well-equipped large-scale grass-skiing ground as well as a sports and entertainment. One can enjoy activities such as single board skiing, sledging, motor skiing, hot-air ballooning, and gliding here.

You can find primeval forests, sheer precipices and overhanging rocks; you can enjoy varieties of flowers, rare birds and other animals; And you can also feel the interest of alpine natural view such as rapids, waterfalls, sea of clouds, the sun rising, the forest Buddha Halo and Yinyang Boundary.

Tourists could travel to here all the four seasons: the flowers blossom in spring, waterfalls flows in summer, red leaves spreads the whole mountain in autumn, the snow scene in winter. It is a great leisure, holiday, summer resort and skiing tourist zone.

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