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Chengdu Pingle Ancient Town

Pingle Ancient Town is about 90 Km west of Chengdu and about 20 Km away from Qionglai City. The town was formed as early as West Han Dynasty (150 B.C.). Time and life is still laid-back there now.

Two thousand years' history has blessed it with a profound cultural heritage. Visitors will be deeply impressed by the local fell behind civilization as well as its splendid folk culture.

With its typical Sichuan traditional housing style, many tea houses and home-cook restaurants can be seen in the ancient town, you can have a really ease day there with your friends, either have a chitchat or playing Majiang with your Chinese travel mates.

Or you can take a bamboo raft on the river which cross the whole town. Enjoying the evening sun, listening to customs and legends given by the old man with a cup of tea in the hand, while the far vague mountain dim gradually further and further away, melodious bamboo flute came from nowhere, what a enjoyment!

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