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Erhai lake, Dali

Erhai Lake is the most famous plateau lakes in Yunnan Province, 1972 meters above sea level, north end of Eryuan County River township, south beyond the city of Shimonoseki marble, with an area of 248 square km. Look down from the air, like a crescent Erhai, quietly lying in between the Cangshan and Dali.

Erhai Cangshan hug and form a beautiful sky of the Cang-er. At home and "Mishima," "Four Seas", "Five Lakes", "9" of victory. Mishima is: Golden soe, Chi-wen, Yu; and four continents are: Ma Lian, Mandarin, Green Lufthansa, large stork friends; also Jiuqu: Lotus, the stork, coil Isogo, Feng Yi, Shi Smith, horns, waves for high-materials, cranes soar. Erhai Lake Erhai Lake is surrounded by well-known parks, hi Chau Hoi Ting, sea tongue, and other scenic two-Gallery scenery, there are days Mirror Tower, Water Tower, Zhuhai Court, Guanyinge, monuments and other small Putuo. Erhai predecessors beautiful scenery will be summed up in eight, that is, Shanhai Taikan, Golden soe clouds, sea days Jingkai, Margaret Po-lan, Cang wave fishing boat, Sea Club Fengtao, water autumn, Erhai Eigetsu.

Cangshan Erhai, landscape dependent, it is second only to the Great Lakes Dianchi Lake in Yunnan Province, the North since the end of the Heung Yee Jiang Eryuan County, South only Dali Shimonoseki, 1972 meters above sea level, 41.5 kilometers long from north to south, covering an area of about two hundred and fifty-one square kilometers, as Lake The shape resembles the human ear, named Erhai. At the southern tip of Lake Erhai Tuanshan is a Erhai Park, is the view of the benefits of scenery Cangshan by Erhai Lake.

Look down from the air, like a crescent Erhai, lying quietly in accordance with Bazi in between Cangshan and Dali. 3 Erhai Island, 4 continents, 5 Lake, 9. Erhai Lake is an fault fall, the lake with crystal clear, highly transparent, has long been known as "the perfect beautiful mountains." Legend of the growth in the seabed with a very large jade Chinese cabbage, Yingying blue lake that is a bit of heart from the Chinese Qin Yu poured out of the past jade like fluid.

Cangshan between Erhai to the impact of a fan-shaped Pingba, where fertile land, adjoining the village, Chong Li Pen Three Holy Mosques, tall and straight, known as "landscape art gallery" and said the scenery, attractions, folk together.

To the Erhai Lake, the most should go to the nearby fishing village of Bai go see because of this fishing village on the plateau on the rare, well-known 50's movie "five golden flowers" of life is reflected here.

Generally speaking, the Dali scenery, the most characteristic is that by the mountains, water-dependent component accompanied by a variety of landscape. The water here, refers to the highland lakes Erhai. Travel to Dali, in any case should go to see the edge of Erhai Lake.

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