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Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province is located in the north-west, with a total area of 28,356.0 square kilometers, and its capital city is located in Dali, Yunnan Province, the location of the west, is one of China's historical and cultural city.

Dali is located in Cangshan, the Erhai Sea, known as the "Oriental Geneva." It is sufficient sunshine, annual average sunshine hours of 2473 hours, the average annual rainfall of 1100 millimeters. The annual average temperature 15.1degrees centigrade, the climate mild year-round spring. Erhai Lake and the east, the West has Cangshan and beautiful scenery, rich ethnic customs, and has a long history, the State Council published a national historical and cultural cities, scenic spots, nature reserves.

Dali has a long history. As early as 3,000 years ago, white, Yi of the ancestors of all ethnic groups live here and thrive. Nanzhao in the history of the country (738 a 902), Dali (937 a 1253) have all set up here, Yunnan was the political, economic and cultural centers of China's cultural exchanges with Southeast Asia, the trading of important gateway. Dali City for the existing year Ming-Hong Wu (1368 a 1398) built the magnificent tower, orderly city. Chong-famous Three Pagodas Temple St. Philip St. Temple Pagoda and Song, respectively, in the north and south ends of the city. All roads in town stone pave path, stone wall lines the entire city in a very quiet environment.

Location: located in the central western Yunnan, home southern tip of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau Hengduan Mountains. 376 kilometers west of Kunming, the provincial capital, 580 kilometers east of Sino-Burmese border. Between longitude 99degrees 58 '~ 100degrees 27', latitude 25degrees 25 '~ 25degrees 58' between. East and Binchuan County, Xiangyun connects South and Midu County, Weishan County, is adjacent to the west Juglans County, North Eryuan County community.

Climate: according to high and low altitude, climate, and was a three-dimensional distribution of plants belonging to the North sub-tropical, warm temperate zone and cold climate. The annual average temperature 15degrees centigrade, the coldest month (January) average temperature 8.7degrees centigrade, the hottest month (July) mean temperature of 20.1degrees centigrade, "beyond the cold winter, warm summer ends," throughout the year, 4 months and 6 days the temperature reached the international best convalescence. Strong solar radiation, light enough, the annual average of 2474 hours of sunshine. Rainfall, average rainfall in 1100 millimeters. The annual average frost-free period 230 days.

Dali, China's historical and cultural cities, scenic spots and nature reserves. It has a long history, beautiful scenery, magnificent Xiongqi Cangshan Erhai, Nanzhao brilliant culture, rich in mysterious customs. Scenic spots, there are marble, weishan two state-level historical and cultural city, there is a provincial-level tourist resort, there are the Buddhist Holy Land, Taoism mountains, historical sites throughout the entire territory.

In addition, Bai houses here are elegant, distinctive. "Plant flowers in every household," an enviable mix of beautiful environment. Dali Bai style of the rich, colorful culture still retains its unique language, dress, customs. There are many local characteristics into the national will in March Street.

Dali for the world-famous tourist destination, is also a gathering place for ethnic minorities, the local entertainment with a strong national characteristics.

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