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Shanghai Circus City

Completed in 1999 is located in the Shanghai Circus City Gonghexinlu No. 2266, the south side close to the Zhabei Stadium, close to Canton on the north side of Park, covers an area of 2.25 hectares, the "Circus of China first city" reputation, its unique building shape, golden vaulted roof, is another Shanghai International Cultural City landmarks. North of Shanghai culture, sports, entertainment center. A total of 1638 seats acrobatic theater, the venue is equipped with advanced lighting equipment and multi-channel, multiple surround sound. Performing stage area is equipped with rotating, composite landing stage, the stage and boom-type frame with a height of 3 laps Ma Road, constitutes a complete facilities, full-featured, at the same time at high altitude, air and ground to do three-dimensional, large scenes performances places of acrobatics.

Shanghai Circus City
Founding 5 years, Shanghai Circus City with the world's major performing acrobatic performances to build a marketing network, the introduction of international best acrobatics, circus programs, planning organizations, large-scale acrobatic competitions, both at home and abroad to become a circus acrobatics performance show , an important platform for the exchange.

In recent years, Shanghai Circus City planning a series of major organizational performance: the Shanghai International Magic Festival and International Competition magic, acrobatics domestic gold medal match, the Russian ice circus, the national stage works fine repertoire "landscape Yiyi Love" and other world-renowned performing magic.

Shanghai Circus City
City by the Shanghai Acrobatic Circus games, rehearsals auxiliary rooms, entertainment city, animal rooms, reception centers actor has five major components, is based on acrobatics, circus performance as the main body, set of cultural, sports and entertainment art entertainment venues. Shanghai Circus City complete the facilities, equipment, advanced functions, both at home and abroad with her acrobatics competition and provides an ideal venue for performances, but also for music, song and dance performances, in order to meet the needs of the public and cultural life. Culture City Commercial City is an important supporting circus, construction area of 12,000 square meters. Its architecture is also fully reflects the crisp, smooth, modern style. Outstanding famous circus, acrobatic shows were performed alternately in Circus Town.

Shanghai Circus City a long time in the world in a negative reputation for the performance of the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe of the main, its luxury line-up of performers, a full range of programming variety, superb acrobatic skills, the art of beautiful mood. Transplantation performed innovative acrobatics, circus, magic shows more than 100, a beautiful thriller style, with a strong unique charm of Shanghai acrobatics, formation of the Shanghai Circus City Art strengths and unique style. Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe of China's first commercial performance art groups, to the United States in 1980, six New York City, 1981, Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe performance sent 80 missions, carrying the giant panda Dongdu Japan for the last 4 months business performance, Since then, the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe began moving to the world market. Over the past 20 years, the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has dispatched teams to perform more than 100 missions, 100 missions abroad doors, music lovers the world over; 80 years, formed the famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe of Magic. Acrobatics, circus, magic show three teams battle the troops, expanding their markets, frequent appearances throughout the country, many of the new program, the precision high skill, show scenery, in the international and domestic arena, is the award-Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe winning.

Shanghai Circus acrobatics with the world's major performing arts companies to perform marketing network, to introduce international best acrobatics, circus programs. Planned combination of the World Acrobatics Competition Gold Medal, Gold Medal game, such as Chinese acrobatics performances, so that the city become a Shanghai circus acrobatics, circus performance, exhibition, the center of the exchange. Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe" Flying Trapeze, "" great springboard "for the second, third, second National Acrobatics Competition "great springboard", "dog", "technology licensing" one of three categories, won the Gold Award. Subsequent sessions of the National Competition, the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe acrobatics, circus, magic show won the gold medal-Jun; in 1988, the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe of China's first self-financing the creation of specialized secondary schools acrobatics - Shanghai Circus School, China's acrobatics There are 100 missions without a school to the end of history; the past decade, the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has performed more than 3300 games, the audience 3.54 million passengers, the vast majority of the audience is foreign tourists to see Shanghai Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe performance has become a beautiful foreign tourism landscape.

However, a more exciting or in the today's record. The first circus in 1999, Oriental City - Shanghai Circus City completed for acrobatics to create new art and make unremitting efforts of the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has been useless. Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe lined up a large-scale opera and acrobatics, "Tan Oriental Night" as the circus show off the city for the 22nd UPU Congress held its first show, followed by a set acrobatics, circus, magic, funny in one large-scale event "into the new century" grand launch large-scale high-altitude farewell for many years, re-board the beast Shanghai breathtaking stage show. Just one year, re-sell Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, a well-designed layout another large party "over the years", was listed as the third Shanghai International Arts Festival exercise program.

Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe is a dynamic groups, excellent geographical conditions, deep accumulation of acrobatics, a solid economic foundation, a long exchange of visits, the formation of the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe of Shanghai's unique charm, but also full of vitality Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe.
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