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Wangjianglou Park, Chengdu

The park is Located in Chengdu city of Sichuan Province, well-known for its various species of bamboo. The park was built in Ming and Qing dynasty in memory of the famous poetess Xue Tao (769-834), who buried there. Because Xue Tao loves bamboo, so people plant all kinds of bamboo in the park. Now it not only has most of the bamboo species in China, but also rarely species from Japan and northeast Asian countries, the total species up to 150 , so the park is also called "Bamboo Park" known by people home and abroad.

Wangjianglou Park encompasses an area of 120,000 square meters. Inside the Park, the paths are hedged in by lush bamboos, while the river shore is lined with willows and fenced off by stone rails.

Most exquisite and magnificent among its architectures is Chongli Tower. The tower has four stories with a total height of over 30 meters. It is exquisite and beautiful with a square upturned eave on the two lower stories and an octagonal eave on the upper two stories. The Poem-chanting Tower built after the tower of Xue Tao's lifetime, with spacious rooms on all sides, is silhouetted against the river-side dense bamboo grooves and willows.

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