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Temple of Prince Wu, Chengdu

Temple of Prince Wu situated in the southwest of Chengdu. The Chinese name of the temple is Wu hou ci, The temple was first built by a Li Xiong in 302 and rebuilt in 1672 in honor of Zhuge Liang (181-234), chancellor of the Shu Han empire (221-263), who is famous as one of the greatest strategist and statesman in China until today. For his services Zhuge Liang was made a Prince (Marquis) in 223.

In the central hall stands a gilded clay figure of Zhuge Liang, The two small figures on either side of the Prince are of his son and grandson. Three bronze drums dating from before the 6th centry BC are displayed in front of the figures.

Liu Bei, the ruler of the Shu Han empire, was buried by a place near the temple of Zhuge Liang and also chosen by him. Inside the burial mound also buries his two wives. In the east and west covered walks, twenty-eight terracotta statues of ministers, generals and high officials of the state of Shu Han are displayed. In front of each statue there is a small stele inscribed with details of the life of each official.

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