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Cultural Park, Chengdu

Cultural Park is located in Qin tai Road, Chengdu city, built in 1951 on the original site of Er Xian An Taoists Temple, covers an area of 150 acres. The park is a cultural activities comprehensive park. It has a variety of flowers, bonsai, and odd trees.

The famous Chengdu Lantern Festival and Chengdu Flower Show, which held annually and has been held for ten decades, are well-known at home and abroad. During these festivals, a variety of cultural performances are showed, such as calligraphy, painting and photographic exhibition and also the famous local snacks.

Twelve Bridge Park martyrs tomb in Chengdu, which is for the commemoration of the liberation of 36 on the eve of a secret agent killed by the KMT, is the provincial-level units to be protected.

Because of its cultural activities, famous Chengdu Chengdu Lantern Festival and the Flower Show and the martyrs cemetery, viewers come in an endless stream.

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