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Changjiang Bridge, Nanjing

Constructed in 1968, the Yangtze River Bridge of Nanjing is the first railway-highway bridge over the Yangtze River designed by a Chinese architect. It is also the longest bridge of its kind in China. Seen from afar, the whole bridge is like a majestic rainbow above water. It is a must-see for travelers to Nanjing.

The bridge is divided into two stories, the upper which is used as highway, and the lower railway level. The highway is 4,589 m (15,056 ft) long, and 15 m (49 ft) wide, allowing 4 large-sized cars to run parallel. There is a footway with a width of over 2 meters (6.6 ft) on either side of the highway. The railway, being 6,772 m (22,218 ft) long and 14 m (46 ft) wide, allows two trains to run simultaneously in opposite directions. The bridge has 9 piers and 10 openings. The openings of the main bridge span 160 m (525 ft), with a highest height of 85 m (279 ft). Under the bridge huge vessels of 10,000 tons (22 million pounds) are able to pass through.

On both banks of the river are twin bridge towers, which are equipped with elevators leading to the railway bridge, highway bridge and the top observation post. The bridge is also decorated with hundreds of relievos and thousands of different kinds of lights, which make the bridge even more spectacular in the night. In addition, below the southern bridge tower is a scenic park, and an exhibition hall for visitors to learn about the history of the bridge.
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