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Flower Rain Terrace, Nanjing

The Rain Flower Terrace is1 kilometer of Zhonghua Gate, Nanjing city, covers an area of 153.7 hectares. It produces lots of colorful agate stones, additionally the top of the hillock is like a platform, so local people like to call it "the Rain Flower Terrace". The name is related with a beautiful legend. According to the legend, in South Dynasty the Yunguang Master placed a table to speak scriptures o­n top of the hill, this moved the God, the heaven fell flowers like rain, these flowers became beautiful and colorful little stones and scattered the whole hillock, so this is how the Rain Flower Terrace got its name.

The fourth to fifth of April is the recalling period of Rain Flower Terrace Hero Cemetery, while Nanjing Yuhua Stone Art Festival of China is held in the end of September and the beginning of October, which is the best traveling season.

The Rain Flower Terrace is the highest spot of south of Nanjing. The topography is dangerous. Far from South and North Dynasty of Wei, here was the place that armed forces had to conflict to get. In late year of Ming Dynasty, after the Peace Heaven chose Nanjing as their capital, they o­nce fought with Qing Dynasty here for several years.

The armed forces of the Revolution of 1911 in late of Qing Dynasty,once used the natural topography of the Rain Flower Terrace to beat the soldiers of Qing Dynasty. When two sides were fighting, they also had casualties, so now o­n top of the hillock there still preserved two tombs of dead soldiers, providing people to show respect. The topography of the Rain Flower Terrace is high, so it is the best place to climb high and appreciate the scenery of Nanjing, meanwhile it is also the scenic spot people like deeply.
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