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Shenzhen Sino-British Street

Shenzhen Sino-British Street is located in Shatou town of Yantian District. The engraved boundary maker established in 1898 is in the center of the street, separating the eastern China side and the west British (Hong Kong)side. That is why it is so named. It is still a sign of the policy "one country, two systems".

Because of the Government's tax-free policy, the Street has become a well known hopping destination. The cheap gold jewelry and imported electrical appliances are the focus buying item for tourists in the Sino-British Street. In addition to gold jewelry, the food, daily necessities in Sino-British Street are also cheaper than most other places. In recent years, Sino-British Street do not has the market advantage before due to the plenty goods from mainland, but many commodity prices are still cheaper than elsewhere.

Sino-British Street is famous for its unique political "one street, two systems" in the history, also there are other tourism and cultural resources around. The Sino-British Street History Museum, the Boundary Marker, Ancient Well, Bell, Wushi Hall, Tin Hou Temple and ancient Lanes are very good attractions. Sino-British Street is a "Shopper's Paradise" as well as economic and cultural exchanges center between the Mainland and Hong Kong. Go into the Sino-British Street, feel the vicissitudes of history and the bustling modern blowing against our faces.

Written by Bruce

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