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Shenzhen Golden Coast Dameisha

Dameisha Resort is located in Yantian District of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of about 168 hectares. It has beautiful scenery and entertaining facilities.

The Sea Shore Park of Dameisha includes a planning of 180,000 square meters beach, 432 meters sunshine corridor, 13,000 square meters sunshine square and 4000 square meters Moon Plaza. There are 230 parking spaces in the parking lot.

Dameisha owns the longest beach in Shenzhen. Its clear sea water and broad soft sand presents very beautiful environment. There are horse race, yacht, large-scale musical fountain and outdoor lighting song and dance stage, barbecue square. The special entertainment here is the cable water skiing, equipped with complete supporting facilities. Water skiing was originated from Europe and the United States, it is a very exciting, challenging and ornamental sport.

With the effects of first-class designers from home and abroad and thousands of builders, the Dameisha area has successfully created the most moving theme consist of blue sky, white clouds, red dawn and evening light. Since Dameisha Resort holds the theme of romantic, freedom and entertainment, hotel-style apartments, cafes, bars houses, tea houses, boutique houses and other functions are also created, which enriched Dameisha's tourist attractions.

Written by Bruce

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