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Shanghai Oriental Land

Shanghai Oriental Land is located on the shores of Dian Shan Lake in Qingpu District, covering an area of 5600 mu, of which about 2,000 mu are water area. It is a large recreational center with entertainment facilities and beautiful views.

There are Road of Wisdom, National Defense Education Area, Scientific Exploration Area, Survival Challenge Area and so on all together eight major areas. It have a wide variety of residential construction around the world, both for living function and sightseeing. As the largest eco-leisure tourist attraction Shanghai Oriental Land has 170,000 square meters of the big four evergreen lawns, 400 kinds of flowers and plants.

The site is a premium choice for camping, picnic, outdoor entertainment, water entertainment and even army experience! You can easily spend a few days here having a lot of fun. There is also a nice hotel and some good restaurants here. A good place for an escape of city life.

Shanghai Oriental Land

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