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Shanghai Zoo

Shanghai Zoo is located at No. 2381 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai, adjacent to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Because it located in the western suburbs, it also known as the Western Suburbs Park. Shanghai Zoo is a large national zoo covering an area of 743,000 square meters, of which 47,237 square meters are animals keeping and displaying area.

Shanghai Zoo keeping rare wildlife of a total more than 620 species and over 6000 animals, of which not only Chinese giant panda, golden monkey, peacock, tiger and other animals, but also animals representation from all over the world, such as Africa chimpanzees, giraffes, kangaroos from Australia, the Arctic polar bears, the penguins of Antarctica.

In addition to a large number of valuable animals on display, Shanghai Zoo has also planted a large plant in order to create ecological environment that animals could adapted to. Shanghai Zoo has a total of 498,200 square meters green area, of which 100,000 square meters are large open lawn. The park had planted about 100,000 trees of more than 600 spices. There are large areas of Swan Lake. The sparkling blue lake beautifies the surrounding natural environment.

Shanghai Zoo is a nice public recreation place and a good children natural education site. Since opened in 1954, the park has received 150 million visitors at home and abroad.

Shanghai Zoo

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