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Shanghai Jinjiang Park

Shanghai Jinjiang park is located at Hongmei Road, Meilong District, southwest of shanghai. It is a large comprehensive amusement park, covering an area of 170 acres, with a total of 40 amusement projects, receiving about one million visitors of all ages to play each year.

In order to meet the growing needs of tourists from home and abroad, new items such as "happy world", "gorge rafting" and "expenditure shuttle", which are popular with tourists, are being added continually in recent years.

The amusement park boasts of many popular rides like loop-the-loop roller coaster, merry-go-rounds, and bumper cars. Besides these, the Jin Jiang Park also houses a special playground for preschoolers, a haunted house, a water sports area, which is open only during summer.

Apart from these entertainment, the park also has restaurants, coffee houses, tea houses, shops and other entertainment facilities and it is the perfect place to enjoy a day.

Shanghai Jinjiang Park

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