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Jogyesa Temple in Kunming

Jogyesa Temple, the national key cultural relics protection units, located in 41 km west of tranquility of Spring City Kunming, green onion mountain branched, forest green, green grass and screen out the peaks, clouds transpiration. Jogyesa Temple building existing Main Hall, apse, bell tower and so on.

Jogyesa Temple was built in the Song Dynasty (Dali period), the overall layout for the common courtyard building type, the main hall for the National Court, a rare wood Baohua temples. Hall dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, Manjusri, Samantabhadra three icons, is the rare Song Dynasty statues. Jogyesa Temple is the temple with the Song Dynasty architectural style, this is the beginning of the 1940s, architects Liang Yu Temple of perception.
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