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Kunming Botanical Garden

Kunming Botanical Garden, 12 km from Kunming city, with towering old trees form a Black Dragon Pool Park, a famous tourist area. Kunming Botanical Garden was first built in 1938 for the purpose of cultivating rare and endangered flowers, medicinal herbs and major trees. The ​​44 hectares Kunming Botanical Garden is combines with the Heilongtan Park, where ancient trees grow luxuriantly to form a famed scenic resort.

Kunming Botanical Garden is offering a welcome green space for the lively city centre. Together with the nearby Heilongtan Park, a scenic resort famed for its ancient trees, it constitutes a significant area of natural reserve in the Yunnan province famed for its flora and biodiversity. The garden enjoys picturesque scenery. The blossom of flowers and the trees all the year around fill the air with their perfumes. The botanical garden has almost 4000 kinds of tropical and subtropical plantation, most of which are decorative plant, especially camellias.
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