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Kunming Zoo, Kunming

Kunming Zoo has been titled one of the 10 best zoos among China. The current Kunming zoo opened in 1953 and covers 23 hectares of Yuantong Mountain. The area occupies 32. 5 thousand square meters and an elevation of 1,930 meters. This place is also known as the Luofeng Mountain because the color of the mountain is deep blue and turns lathe like the spiral hairdo".
The zoo is divided two parts into the animal area and the flowers and plants area. The animal area is divided into large-size, small-size, calling animal area and so on the birds and beasts, aquatic bird. The flowers and plants area is divided into the oriental cherry area, the plum blossom area, the sweet-scented osmanthus area, the rosa indica garden and the lawn area.
The current zoo has more than 2,000 animals representing more than 170 species, including some highly protected species such as the Yunnan golden snub-nosed monkey and Siberian tiger.


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