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Qinling Wild Animal Zoo

Qinling Wild Animal Zoo

Qinling Wild Animal Zoo

Qinling Wild Animal Zoo, also called Xian Qinling Zoological Park, is a comprehensive park integrated scientific education, tourism, entertainment together with animal protection, the first wildlife zoo in northwest China. It is located at the northern of Qinling Mountain, 28 kilometers away from Xi'an, covering an area of more than 329.4 acres. It is a good option for your boring weekend.

The park falls into four sections: Walking area, Herbivore area, Beast of prey area and Birdsong forest. Additionally, there are animal performing ground, young animal playground, pleasure ground, animal hospital, endangered species breeding center.

The cafe, cafeteria, garden and vacation village offer more humanized service. The zoo keeps about 300 species of animals from all over the world including the endangered white tiger, white python, golden monkey, crested ibis and some other alien species, totally up to 10,000 animals. You can feel the might of the ferocious beasts, the docility of the herbivore, the weirdness of reptiles, the grace and lightness of the birds through short-distanced observation. It is even possible for you to have close contact with the cute ones.

The animals' exhibition area is divided into two parts: the walking area and car-riding area. The walking area is in the west of the park, covering an area of 130,000 square meters. About 260 species of animals are exhibited there. You can see the giant panda, golden monkey, sea lion, sea leopard, the largest living mammal on land - Asian elephant, guanaco and alpaca from South America, red kangaroo and cassowary from Australia, hippo from Africa, Bengal tiger, flocks of flamingoes etc. You will be teased a lot by the funny performance in the performing grounds.

Totally about 1,700 animals of 47 species herbivore are exhibited in the bus-riding area in the east of the park. In the area of 370,000 square meters lives the herbivore from both Africa and Asia, such as giraffe, zebra, gnu, antelope, white-lipped deer, camel with two humps, yak and so on.

The south of the park is the beast of prey area occupying an area of 118,000 square meters. The beasts here amount to 90 of nine species, who are raised in six areas like African lion area, cheetah area, African feral dog area, tiger area, bear area, wolf area. Tourists are permitted to call on these animals in the protective sightseeing bus. When the sightseeing bus is approaching the exhibition hall, those animals get very excited and run after it. When they see there is food thrown out of the bus, they will jump suddenly to get it. Undoubtedly, it adds much excitement to the tour.

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