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Datang Furong Garden, Xi'an

Datang Furong Garden in Xi'an is the largest culture theme park in the Northwest Region. It is also a model imperial garden to fully demonstrate the Tang Dynasty's charm and grandeur. The setting, a landscaped 165-acre site surrounding a willow-lined lake, captures something of the look and feel of classical Chinese landscape painting. Throughout the Datang Furong Garden there are twelve scenic regions are distributed including the attraction of Ziyun Tower Block, Elegant Lady Area, Imperial Banquet Hall, Fanglin Fragrant Garden, Phoenix Theater, Apricot Garden, Lu Yu Teahouse, Tang Marketplace and the Floating-drink at Qujiang Lake.

The Water Film is the main attraction in Datang Furong Garden. The screen of the water is a film of water, which makes you a wonderful and illusory feeling that you were on the scene in person. When the figures in the movie appear on the screen, it seems that they are flying to the sky or coming down from the heaven. It is indeed a splendid ocular enjoyment.

Datang Furong Garden has awarded many records: the largest show on water screen in the world; the first theme park of five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell sense): the biggest out-door fragrance project in the world and the biggest reproduction of the Tang royal garden complex in China.

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Xian Tour Attractions
Xian tour, Datang Furong Garden, Xi'an
Datang Furong Garden, Xi'an
Xian tour, Datang Furong Garden, Xi'an
Datang Furong Garden, Xian, China
Xian tour, Datang Furong Garden, Xi'an
Datang Furong Garden, Xi'an, China