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Suzaku National Forest Park

Suzaku National Forest Park
Suzaku National Forest Park
Suzaku National Forest Park, also named Zhuque National Forest Park, is located approximately 74 miles to the west of Xi'an. Sightseers and visitors to this park are always completely captivated by its beauty. Suzaku National Forest Park has 105 scenic spots. in addition to the scenic thick forest, there are countless rocks, clean waterfalls , flower blooming in Spring and red leaves in Autumn. It is also a good cool summer resort.

Suzaku National Forest Park
Suzaku National Forest Park

The peak of the park, which is 3,100 meters high, is of particular interest. This is park that you'll enjoy all year around, however the best times to get the most out of it are the spring, summer and fall, when colors and temperatures are at their best. Because it's quieter and much cooler, it has easily become one of the most popular resorts around the area. It takes a couple of days to completely find every interesting spot in the park. In the winter, the flying hawks and snow covered paths are also particularly interesting for visitors. If you do visit this park in the winter, make sure you dress accordingly as the temperatures are even colder here than in the city of Xi'an.

Park has many facilities and convenient transport. There is a Jingyuan Hotel with more than 600 beds and a large-scale dining hall of capacity 500 people. Other recreational facilities are a song and dance halls, teahouse and so on . For the convenience of climbers, there is a passenger ropeway, which allow visitors to easily visit the beautiful landscape.

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