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Xi'an Taiping Forest Park

Xian Taiping Forest Park
Xi'an Taiping Forest Park

The Taiping National Forest Park is located 44km southwest to Xi'an city in the Hu Xian peaceful valley, north slope of the Mt. Qinling. Famous for its waterfall and the largest area of wild "Zijing" flower (the city flower of Hong Kong) in north China. It is located the Xianyang 60 kilometers, the total area 2117 hectares.The park locates the landform is the Qinling Zhongshan place.The entire region elevation difference disparate, the cliff stands in great numbers, the peaks and ridges folds the screen-like mountain peaks, the run-off ditch continuous, the multi-waterfalls, the jet stream and the rapids, has formed the rich marvelous scenery natural landscape.In the garden has Shimen, the moon deep pool, ShiChuanzi, the Mongolian gazelle dam, the birch forest bay five big scenic areas.

The peaceful valley constructs the peaceful palace by Sui Dynasty emperor to acquire fame, in the valley the scenery landscape is unusual, is the Tang dynasty view flower summer vacation scenery paradise.In the garden has the vigorous ancient larch virgin forest, the up-wind arrogant snow yellow birch pure crop, the Chinese redbud spring opens like the tide.Hot summer hills throws over green, ancient wooden towering, ten thousand wooden towering, the good school of vitality.The scenic area natural scenery is unique, the closure altogether discovered at present size waterfall 12, the waterfall biggest dropping variance hundred meters, mainly distribute in the garden in 2.5 kilometers scopes, forms the waterfall group, is north part of our country the unique natural landscape.Under the waterfall all has the deep pool, flies the waterfall to enter the deep pool, arouses thousand fog, the shape says the rainbow by the tens of thousands, places oneself in the garden like to enter the fairyland, has characterful: The rainbow waterfall, the Manchurian crane bridge waterfall, the smoke rosy cloud waterfall, Longkou fly the waterfall and so on.Strolls in the garden, everywhere is rich in poetic and artistic flavor, makes one forget to return.The park traveling service is complete, the guesthouse, the hotel, the traveling store and so on the necessary facility is complete.

The park yearly average temperature 7-10degrees centigrade, the highest temperature 29degrees centigrade, is the midsummer summer vacation happiest extent, is stimulates the inspiration the cradle, the hold summer training camp paradise

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