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Anning Hot Spring in Kunming

Anning Hot Spring is a famous tourist attraction and holiday resort near Kunming, located at the foot of Yuquan Mountain about thirty-eight kilometers from the city center. With a dense forest and a quiet environment, Anning Hot Spring is composed of several natural underground hot springs. Situated at a height of 1,795 meters above sea level, Anning Hot Spring is endowed with graceful, verdant trees, beautiful hills and peaceful surroundings. The temperature of Anning Hot Spring is 40ºC~50ºC. all year. The hot spring is clear and has several kinds of minerals and microelements not only beneficial to common people, but also is helpful in curing many kinds of diseases. Therefore, Anning Hot Spring has the fame of "No. 1 hot spring in the world".

Near the Hot Spring stand numerous guesthouses and sanatoriums. With elegant tourist facilities, the guesthouses here offer a hospitable service. With various conveniences of transportation, post and telecommunications, Anning Hot Spring is an ideal place for sightseeing and recuperation.
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