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Huangluo Yao Village

Longsheng is only 87 kilometers from Guilin. What interests visitors is the ethnic life style of the local villages. Huangluo Yao Village -- the Yao people are called 'Red Yao' because of their red clothing. There are about 60 families in the Village. There every Yao woman has a beautiful long black hair on her head. The long hair of most of women can be loosened down to the ground. The longest hair is nearly close to 2 meters.

Long hair is a local tradition. All the Hongyao women can only cut their hair at 16 years old, symbolizing the fact she is an adult who can look for a lover. The hairstyle is different. Girls' hair set is wrapped by a coif on which has special signs. Married women's tray-like hair set is some flat. If a woman's hair tray is more with a pellet style, it means that the woman already has sons or daughters.

Many tourists admire Yao women have beautiful dark black hair. The secret of the hair protection is 'shampoo' which the Yao women use to wash their hair is not really shampoos, and it is made from rice-washing water with something special. It is very good for keeping their hair jet black and beautiful.

It is said that each Yao Woman has three bunches of hairs on head all her life. It means that two bunches of hairs are tied up with the growing hairs on her head. One bunch is dropped hairs which are collected from every day. Another is the hair cut at her age of 18. From the fact, you can see that the Yao females look hairs as important as their life. When the long hairs are waving and flying with Yao dancing, that is such a kind of charming beauty!

Edited by Lawrence Photograph taken by Lin Wenhong
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