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Guilin Evening Cruise on 2 Rivers and 4 Lakes
Recommended evening Guilin Tour: Evening Cruise on 2 Rivers and 4 Lakes, a dream tour on the Guilin Water System. This is a very scenic tour within Guilin city. It consists of two rivers and four lakes namely the Li River, Taohua River and the lakes of Ronghu, Shahu, Guihu and Mulong. This water tour is available day and night. You can see the three scenic Chinese classical gardens at the lakes of Ronghu, Shahu and Mulong while admiring the famous traditional hills of Elephant Hill, FuBo Hill, Yao Hill, BaoJi Hill and Laoren Hill, etc. ...
Tour Type : Guilin evening tour
Guilin Evening Show Dreamy Li River
Recommended Guilin tour in the evening: A drama put together by colors, stage decorations and performers' skills. The flowers, the insects, the frogs and the butterflies and bats..... and beautiful female dancers together are savoring the bounties bestowed by the Mother Nature. The land cracked and the sky collapsed in a remote ancient time. And the plants were all dead. The Green-Leave Fairy descended from the heaven. She put everything back in order while creation the beautiful mountains and waters in Guilin. ...
Tour Type : Guilin evening show

Impression Liu Sanjie


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Impression Liu Sanjie
The Show is directed by three famous Chinese directors, Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, the show epitomizes the beauty of Li River the cultures of ethnic groups in Guangxi and the creation of outstanding Chinese artists. The performance is an unseen spectacular with a realistic view which is unique in the world. With the theme of Liu Sanjie the performance combines the classical folk songs of Liu folk cultures and lights on the fishing boats together integrating with the surroundings presenting harmony between humans and nature. ...
Tour Type : Evening Show
Brief Introduction Yangshuo Tour

Location: Guangxi Province, 66 km (40 miles) South of Guilin.

Located at the terminus of the Li River cruise from Guilin, the small town of Yangshuo has long been a mecca for backpackers, but even before that, it was a geomancer's delight, too. Here the vast landscape is reduced to a garden scale, nature in microcosm, where hills, mountains, oceans, and rivers are reduced to rocks, karsts, streams, and pools. Set amid an awesome cluster of limestone pinnacles -- a zigzag, serrated skyline superior even to that of Manhattan -- Yangshuo is more beautiful, less expensive, and significantly less crowded than Guilin. Some of the most accessible karst scenery in Guangxi can be found just a short bike ride outside town. With its inexpensive hostels and Western-style cafes, some foreigners have been known to stay for months, sometimes even years. Once a sleepy little town, today's Yangshuo is being overtaken by upscale hotels, new shops and bazaars, and hordes of eager tourists. While the town is undergoing massive growth, there is precious little in the way of actual development. Five-star hotels are now moving in and will inevitably push prices even higher. It remains to be seen how long this sleepy little town can retain its charm with so many business arriving to squeeze profits out and so few putting anything back in.

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