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Bamboo Rafting In Yangshuo
Bamboo Rafting is one of the most popular activities of Yangshuo tour. We highly recommend the Dragon river bamboo rafting as it's the biggest branch of Lijiang river, also called the "Mini Lijiang river" (the more beautiful part of the Lijiang River). It's a funny family adventure and kids love it. The sailing itself is pretty quiet, peaceful and harmoniously! ...
Tour Type : add on program
Half Day Yangshuo Countryside Tour
Back to the nature is the main topic of Half Day Yangshuo Tour in the countrysides. It brings you to beautiful rural scenery along the Yulong River. This is a short exploration to the countryside in Yangshuo. You will take bamboo rafting on Yulong River, see cormorant fishing show, walking tours in the paddy fields and villages in Yangshuo. This is an unforgettable Guilin Tour program.
Prepay Required ...
Tour Type : Seat in coach, Guilin Bus tour
Learn Tai Chi in Yangshuo
Special Yangshuo tour program: You can see Chinese people play Tai Chi in the early morning when you travel in China. You can also learning some Tai Chi with a master by the Li River in one of morning in Yangshuo. Yangshuo is a beautiful place to stay for a while and have a holiday at the same time as learning Tai Chi. ...
Tour Type : Recreation and Entertainment
Cormorant Fishing Show
Recommended Guilin Tour: Cormorant Fishing is a unique and interesting activity in Yangshuo or Guilin. The fisherman rows slowly on a simple bamboo raft with several trained cormorant birds. A piece of grass is loosely tied around the bird neck (or tethered with rings round the base of their necks) so the bird can't swallow big fish. When the cormorant catches fish and stores fish in its mouth, the fisherman will hook the bird on a stick and empty fish from the bird mouth and then put the bird back in the water to continue fishing. ...
Tour Type : Evening show
Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Class in Yangshuo
Special Yangshuo tour program: Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Class in Yangshuo will introduce traditional Chinese culture to students, including calligraphy and paintings. These courses will be accompanied by various themed language salons and games to better acquaint students with the Chinese culture. Moreover, these activities will provide students with the opportunity to socialize with and make many Chinese friends. ...
Tour Type : Recreation and entertainment
Yangshuo Cooking Class
Special Yangshuo tour program: Yangshuo Cooking Class will introduce traditional Chinese cooking skills. Yangshuo cooking class offers you the opportunity to learn how to cook real local food. Their skilled and friendly teachers who speak fluent English would love to impart the stories and secrets of Chinese cuisine to you in a friendly fun atmosphere. ...
Tour Type : Recreation and Entertainment
Yangshuo Tour Introduction
Yangshuo is one of the MUST SEE tourist places of China. Yangshuo boasts breath-taking natural sceneries, mysterious ancient local dwelling houses and an insight into a diverse range of cultures. There are many areas offering different forms of enjoyment in and around this area. Yangshuo tour is one of the most important part of Guilin tour.
Yangshuo is located 66 kilometers south of Guilin in Guangxi province with a population of about 300,000. This is a famous place visited by people from all over the world. One of the famous poets says that Guilin has the best scenery under heaven and that Yangshuo is the best part of Guilin. It has attracted many travelers including well-known leaders from around the world. All have given high praise to the beautiful Yangshuo landscape.
Yangshuo is a dreamland and a paradise for tourists for its best landscape and the friendly people in all of China. All travel books recommend Yangshuo as one of the best China tour destination. The county borders the Li River on one side, and is situated on a small plain between numbers of karst peaks, it is easily accessible by bus or by boat from nearby Guilin. It covers an area of 1,428 square kilometers with a population of 300,000.
Two main streets run away from the water and form the central part of the town, Chinese Street (Dei Chui Lu) and West Street (Xi Jie). Most foreign-oriented businesses, such as hostels, hotels, rock climbing companies, restaurants and entertainment venues, are situated on West Street or the pedestrian only Xian Qian Street which runs between Chinese and West Street.
The karst topography endowed the town with breath-taking sceneries, while its history of over 1,400 years enriches it with a sense of traditional culture. Diverse ethnic groups with special folk life inhabit the town. Numerous foreigners are fascinated by its scenery, leisure atmosphere and ethnic folk culture, and many of them have become residents of the town.
The major tourist attractions in Yangshuo include West Street (Xi Jie), Moon Hill, Ancient Banyan Tree, Yulong River (Bamboo Rafting), Fuli town, Xingping (a fishing village).
Top Yangshuo Tour Attractions
Yangshuo West Street (Xi Jie)
Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Peak)
Big Banyan Tree Park
Butterfly Spring Park
Shutong Hill (Schoolboy Hill)
Yangshuo Tour FAQ
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