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6 Days Beijing Xian Tour, Beijing Xian Package
Beijing and Xian are the most famous China Ancient Capitals in history. 6 Days Beijing Xian Tour will lead you to see all the best of China's historical treasures including: the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, and the Terracotta Warriors. This 6 Days Beijing Xian Tour will take your to explore both of the two famous cites in China. ...
Tour Type : Private tour, Beijing-Xian train tour
8 Days Beijing Tianjin Chengde Tour
8 Days Beijing Tianjin Chengde Tour ...
Tour Type : Small group private tour
Two-Day Beijing Side Trip to Chengde
Chengde is a very famous tour city in norther China. It is located about 250 km away from Beijing. It was the summer resort of emperors and royal families in Qing Dynasty. Chengde has become a most famous Beijing side trip destination for its beautiful sceneries, the historical sites and convenient transportation. ...
Tour Type : Private tour
2-Day Beijing Side Trip to Qinhuangdao (Beidaihe)
Qinhuangdao (Beidaihe) is a port city in northeastern Hebei province, a coastal city about 300 km away from Beijing. Qinhuangdao (Beidaihe) is nice place to spend vacation for its beautiful beaches and sunshine. 2-Day Beijing Side Trip to Qinhuangdao (Beidaihe) will show you a fancy environment, the seashore, and beautiful sceneries of different styles. ...
Tour Type : Beijing side trip
Places to travel around near Beijing
We have some predesigned Beijing side trip packages for you to choose. If all the Beijing side trips listed here are not what you expect or like, you are welcome to contact our Beijing China trip advisors to give you customized Beijing side trips.

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