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Shanghai One Day Tour Seat in Coach
This one day Shanghai tour arranged by Holiday China Tour is a best budget day tour in Shanghai. This is a seat-in-coach Shanghai bus day tour to visit Jade Buddha Temple, People's Square, Shanghai Bund, Fresh Water Pearl Gallery, Shanghai Old Street and Xintiandi. ...
Tour Type : Budget tour

One Day Shanghai Tour


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One Day Shanghai Tour
This sightseeing one day Shanghai tour covers almost all the important tourist attractions in Shanghai. It is one of the most typical and the best Shanghai tour arrangement. ...
Tour Type : Private Shanghai tour, one day
Typical 2 Days Shanghai Tour
This is a Typical 2 days Shanghai tour to see the best of Shanghai. You will visit the most popular Shanghai tour attractions include the Jade Buddha Temple, Yuyuan Garden and the Shanghai Museum. ...
Tour Type : Private Shanghai tour, 2 days

3 Days Shanghai Tour


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3 Days Shanghai Tour
This is an essential 3 Days Shanghai tour combines the past and present Shanghai in harmony, from the Jade Buddha Temple to the Nanjing Road, from Yuyuan Garden to the Bund. This is the best Shanghai tour. ...
Tour Type : Private tour
Typical 4 Days Shanghai Tour
4 Days Shanghai Tour with Extension to Zhujiajiao: see the best sceneary, the new development area, the best preserved water town in and near Shanghai. You will see the best scenery and the best preserved water town near Shanghai. ...
Tour Type : Private Shanghai tour, 4 days
4 Days Shanghai Tour with Extension to Suzhou
4 Days Shanghai Tour with Extension to Suzhou is a leisure Shanghai tour package. You will visit classic attractions in Shanghai and Suzhou. The Bund, in Nanjing Road, Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, and the fantastic gardens Suzhou. ...
Tour Type : Private Shanghai tour, 4 days
Shanghai and Zhouzhuang 5 days tour
This 5 days Shanghai and Zhouzhuang tour provides you the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of Suzhou and the prosperous and modern Shanghai, and an ancient town Zhouzhuang between Shanghai and Suzhou. ...
Tour Type : Private tour
Shanghai Acrobatic Show
Evening Shanghai Acrobatic Show is an astounding show performed by the Shanghai Acrobatics School and Troupe. They have won hundreds of gold medals in different international acrobatics competitions, and are beloved by their countrymen. ...
Tour Type : Evening Entertainment
Evening Cruise on Huangpu River
Evening cruise on the Huangpu River provide the most dramatic views of Shanghai, but cruises can be enjoyed all day. Departing from The Bund waterfront every hour from 10am to 9pm, cruises vary in length between 1 to 3 hours. ...
Tour Type : Evening Entertainment

Shanghai Circus Show


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Shanghai Circus Show
Shanghai Evening Entertainment Circus Show ...
Tour Type : Evening Entertainment
5 Days Student Tour of Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou
5 days China student tour with Shanghai-Suzhou-Hangzhou, you will visit the most famous sightseeing spots in Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai. We offer all-inclusive China student tours at discount rates and tailor-made itineraries for students are also available. ...
Tour Type : Student Tour Package
5 Days Shanghai-Xian Tour
Shanghai is known for its combined vigor and charm while Xian was China's capital spanning thirteen dynasties, known as China's Natural History Museum. In 5 Days Shanghai-Xian tour, you will fully experience the two polarities of China. ...
Tour Type : Small group private tour
6 Days Shanghai-Guilin Tour
6 Days Shanghai-Guilin Tour covers highlights of Shanghai and Guilin in 6 days. Guilin is regarded as the most picturesque city in China while Shanghai is the most international one. The modern charm of Shanghai is also quite impressive. ...
Tour Type : Small group private tour
Shanghai Side Trip 1 day to Suzhou
This amazing tour begins by visiting the Humble Administrator's Garden. Then make a tour to the Grand Canal by boat. Have a Chinese lunch and then make a tricycle tour around the Suzhou Old Town to explore the local people's life. ...
Tour Type : Shanghai Side Trips
Shanghai Hangzhou One Day Tour
Shanghai Hangzhou tour package is a Shanghai Tour extension: Hangzhou is a city rich in history and spectacular scenery on this day tour from Shanghai. Take Shanghai Hangzhou Tour will enable you enjoy wonderful Hangzhou travel experience. ...
Tour Type : Side trips
Shanghai Tour Introduction
Shanghai is one of the must see destinations while you plan your trip to China. Shanghai is located in central and eastern China, confronting the East China Sea. Roughly Shanghai is sectioned into two areas: Pudong area (east of the Huangpu River) and Puxi area (west of the Huangpu River). For travellers, most attractions are located in Puxi area while Pudong area is the new development zone.
Shanghai literally means "the City by the Sea". Now it's one of Asia's most important business centers. It is a big city with the lots of attractions like Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Museum, Jade Temple, the Bund etc. Furthermore, some important tourist cities are circled around Shanghai like Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Wuzhen Water Town, Zhouzhuang Water Town etc.
The complete visiting of Shanghai usually takes 3 full days. To visit its surrounding tourist cities take about 3 more days. Holiday China Tour provides Shanghai Tours: Shanghai city tours, Shanghai private escorted tours, group tours, historical tour, great wall hiking tours, etc. Shanghai travel information on Shanghai hotels, Shanghai tour, holiday, map, climate, bus, photos, travel advices, dining, shopping, nightlife.
What to see in Shanghai
Shanghai in the center of China's eastern coastline is one of China's cultural centers and has a long history as a trading port and gateway for foreigners entering China. It is the gateway to the Yangtze River delta. It is a municipality under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government and the largest economic and trade center in China.
the Bund
Situated on the east bank of the Huangpu River, here, one can enjoy the bracing air and fine sunshine as well as seeing something of the many activities along the river. The new finance and commercial houses cluster together along the south of the Bund while along the west there is a wealth of grand buildings in the European architectural styles of the nineteen-twenties, thirties and early forties.
Jade Buddha Temple
It is one of the most famous Buddhist shrines in Shanghai. The White Jade Buddhas were brought here from Burma in the nineteenth century. One is seated while the other is in the recumbent position of Sakyamuni symbolizing the Buddha's attainment of enlightenment or nirvana. The temple also has some impressive images of the Heavenly Kings.
Yuyuan Garden
Yuyuan Garden is the largest of Shanghai's ancient gardens with Ming and Qing architectural styles. The garden has six areas, each with its own style. The Grand Rockery, in the center of the Garden, is the most renowned sight. Near the garden, there is the City God Temple of Shanghai, where various of local snack shops and streets are scattered around.
Nanjing Road
Nanjing Road is considered to be the "No. 1 commercial street in China", which has been a landmark for this city for a long time. Along its 5.5 kilometers, you will find over 600 shops that on average are visited by some 1.7 million people each day. Here, you could purchase everything wanted, spanning from special and cheap souvenirs of Shanghai to the luxurious world famous brands.
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Oriental Pearl TV Tower is an infamous symbol of the city and one of the tallest buildings in Asia. Consisting of 15 spheres placed at different heights, the design of the whole building is said to symbolise pearls of differing sizes falling onto a jade plate.
Old City God's Temple
Situated in the heart of the Yu Yuan Gardens bazaar area, Old City God's Temple stands proud as a legacy from the Ming dynasty. The head of the county then, Zhangshouyue, had built a temple and dedicated it to the local city god. The temple has been destroyed and rebuilt many times since then; it was last rebuilt in 1926. During World War II, the local merchants had built the New City God's Temple in the Foreign Concession district. The original temple is now known as the Old City God's Temple, to differentiate it from the new one.
3 Days Muslim Shanghai Tour package
Are you looking for the best Muslim Tours and Halal Restaurants in Shanghai? We are leading local Shanghai Muslim Islamic Tours in China. 3 Days Muslim Shanghai Tour package is a private tour package designed for Muslim travellers. Our guide will recommend Muslim restaurants in Shanghai to enjoy halal foods.

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