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3 Days Yichang Tour to Jingzhou and Wuhan
3 Days Yichang Tour starts from Yichang to Jingzhou to visit Jingzhou, which was built to protect the whole city. After wards, transfer to Wuhan to visit the Yellow Crane Tower, which is located on Snake Hill and Guiyan Temple. ...
Tour Type : Small group private tour
2 Days Yichang Tour to Wuhan
2 Days Yichang Tour to Wuhan ...
Tour Type : Small group private tour
Yichang Tour Service for Muslim Travelers
Holiday China Tour offers special Yichang tour service for Muslim travelers before or after Yangtze river cruise tour. Service include Yichang airport to dock or dock to airport transfer and Muslim halal meals will be arranged at Yichang Muslim restaurant. ...
Tour Type : Transfer Services
Brief Introduction of Yichang
Yichang is located at the Eastern entrance to the three gorges. Yichang is an ancient city with a history of more than 4,000 years. Located in the middle of China it is a transportation center that connects Eastern and Western China. Yichang has abundant natural and historic sites. Mountains, caves, stone forests, and waterfalls form picturesque scenes that have brought visitors here for centuries.
Yichang was the home of Quyuan, a poet and politician of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC). He committed suicide in the Miluo River in Zigui County of Yichang City after discovering that the kingdom he served was to be conquered. One of Yichang's most famous festivals, the Dragon Boat Festival commemorates the anniversary of Quyuan's death. The Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. An annual International Dragon Boat Rally is held in Zigui county of Yichang city.
Yichang has abundant water resources and it is lauded as the largest hydroelectric base in the world, indeed it is a bright pearl shining on the Yangtze River. The river runs through the city center and the Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project and Three Gorges Dam Project are located there. Benefiting from these projects, Yichang has become the largest hydroelectric resource center in China. In Addition, the tourism centered on the Three Gorges has made the city more famous and more prosperous. Xiling Gorge which is located near Yichang is an important part of the 'Three Gorges Gallery'. The Three Gorges Dam Project is one of the great wonders of modern human history and it has become a tourist hot spot of the world. Every year, millions of visitors gather here to witness this great man made project.

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