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Muslim Guilin Tour
Guilin 3-Day Muslim Tour Package
Highlights: Guilin Muslim Package Tour Itineraries: Essence of Guilin tour, 3 Days Guilin-Yangshuo-Guilin. Our Guilin Muslim tour packages are the best design of Guilin tours with special arrangement for Muslim friends' requirement, like halal food and Islamic restaurants. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Guilin Tour with halal food arranged
4 Days Muslim Guilin Tour Package
4 Days Muslim Guilin Tour Package is the best Guilin Yangshuo tour package designed for Muslim travelers with halal food arranged. Tourists will have a chance to see cormorant fishing, an unique way to catch fish and an adventure in the Crown Cave and Daxu ancient town. And comfortable Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo... ...
Tour Type : Muslim Tour package with halal food arranged
5 Days Guilin Muslim Package Tour
5 Days Guilin Muslim Package Tour is designed for Muslim travelers to travel in Guilin, especially for those tourists arrive in Guilin in a morning flight. All the transfers and transportations by air-conditioned van on private basis, are flexible and comfortable to provide you the personalized requirement. ...
Tour Type : Small Group Muslim Private Tour
6 Days Muslim Guilin Tour, Islamic Travel Package
6 Days Muslim Guilin Tour A is an ideal vacation package. Classic Guilin Tour plus Merryland Theme Park, which is a visit to Merryland Theme Park, gives a ton of fun for adults and children alike. Muslim Guilin Tour is designed to provide you with private, customized, comfortable and high quality service. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Guilin Tour with halal food arranged
6 Days Muslim Guilin Tour Package
The visit the Reed Flute Cave and the Elephant Trunk Hill and Li River cruise to Yangshuo is the typical Guilin tour plan. And the other highlight of Guilin tour is to visit the Dragon-Back Terraced Fields and villages of Miao, Yao People...
6 Days Muslim Guilin Tour B is the best design of in-depth Guilin tour. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Guilin Tour with halal food arranged
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Brief Introduction of Muslim in Guilin
Tbe majority of Muslims in guilin are Hui. Since the Song Dynasty, the Hui gradually moved and settled in Guilin. Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty since the Muslims started to arrive from Hunan, Hebei, Shandong, Guangdong, Yunnan and other provinces to move to. Hui long and mixed with people of all nationalities in Guangxi, economic and cultural exchanges.
Muslims living in the area of Guilin in the past is relatively concentrated, the main mosque and Simon live in Guilin MaPing Street and octagonal pool area, others scattered in urban and rural. Guangxi only Muslims in the village settlements are lawn Hui Autonomous Township, where beautiful scenery and the famous state-level AAAA scenic spot Crown Cave.
Guilin Mosques:
Guilin Chongshan Mosque is located in Chongshan Road, started in Qing Dynasty Emperor Yongzheng period, Jiaqing, Guangxu twice the scale to expand into said today. For hundreds of years, Guilin after the catastrophe, a sense of praise Allah, the mosque several times Chongshan survived so far is the best preserved in Guilin, the most ancient mosque. Guilin is a cultural relics protection units.
Maping Mosque is located in MaPing Street, Seven Star Park mosque in the urban west side of the camel. It was built in the Yuan Dynasty.
Guilin Female's Mosque there have been two: one at the West Gate (now the National Road), and the Muslim temple adjacent to the other in Simon, the West Side Road, the west end. Women outside the West Temple and the Muslim temple in 1944 while the Japanese burned, had not resumed.
Muslim Guilin Tour
We have carefully chosen the Muslim oriented suppliers to cater for the Islamic tours in terms of restaurants, hotels, sightseeing and tour guides.

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