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5 Day Muslim Beijing Tour
5 Day Muslim Beijing Tour is an Islamic trip in Beijing, including the visit to Niujie(Ox Street) Mosque as well as other top attractions in Beijing. Islam was introduced into Beijing around 10th century. 5 Days Muslim tour in Beijing also provides you a chance to enjoy wonderful Islamic halal foods in Beijing. ...
Tour Type : Islamic China Travel Trip with Halal Meals
Beijing 3-Day Muslim Tour
Beijing 3-Day Muslim Tour Package is designed for Muslim travelers tour in Beijing. The history of Islam in Beijing can be traced back to Muslim traders and soldiers who came to China during the 7th through 14th centuries. You will see top rated attractions including famous Mosques in Beijing and enjoy halal food in Chinese Muslim restaurants. ...
Tour Type : Beijing Muslim tour, 3 days
Beijing 4-Day Muslim Tour
Welcome to select our Beijing Muslim tours! Beijing 4-Day Muslim Tour Package with quality service of Muslim tour arrangements, based on hot tourist attractions in Beijing including a private English speaking guide, private car or van, with Halal Food arranged! ...
Tour Type : Muslim Beijing Tour, 4 days
6 Days Beijing Muslim Tour Package From Tianjin
Best Beijing Muslim Tour operator offers 6 Days Beijing Muslim Tour Package From Tianjin provides the best service and travel routes for Muslim travelers. This tour is specially made for Muslim travelers covering Niujie Mosque, Hala Food and top tour attractions in Beijing. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Beijing Tour
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China's capital city, Beijing, is a must-see destination for visitors. As one of the great ancient capitals it is home to some of the finest remnants of China's imperial past. Beijing is so rich in history and culture yet has the vibrancy of a city which has been reborn. Holiday China Tour offers Muslim Beijing Tour service, private tour guide and vehicle. The visit to some famous Mosques in Beijing will tell you about the history of Islam in China.
These tour packages are specially tailored to the needs of the Muslim travellers and really let them enjoy Beijing's sceneries, rich heritage and culture with quality service for Muslim tourists. Online booking save your money and time.
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