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Guilin Landscape Photography Tour with Swimsuit Models
Guilin is famous for its beautiful landscapes, especially the crystal Li River and the featuring mountains of unique shapes by Li River inspire the imagination of photographers. Beautiful Swimsuit Bikini models, cormorant birds and fisherman model and textile Yao women models will be arranged in this 4 days Guilin photography tour. ...
Tour Type : Art Creative Photography tour
7 Days Beijing Chengde Bashang Grassland Photo Tour
This 7 Days Beijing Chengde Bashang Grassland Photo Tour is a professinal photography package to visit the great shooting spots-Jinshanling Great Wall, Chengde Summer Resort and Bashang Grassland nearby Beijing. Along this trip, you can have a pleasure of taking pictures as well as deeply exploring the essense of these three destinations. Taking this tour you will gain a total fresh exotic experience and stay a forever memory in your whole life. ...
Tour Type : Professional photo tour
5 Days Sanqingshan Wuyuan Photo Tour
Wuyuan has been reputed as being one of China's most beautiful villages while Mt. Sanqingshan was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The granite landforms are the most valued component of Sanqingshan landscape. We are putting these two beautiful places to form the most wonderful trip fulfilling every photographers' dreams. The arrangements are set close to nature. This 5 Days Sanqingshan Wuyuan Photo Tour will give you a new sight for your photography. ...
Tour Type : Photo Tour
3 Days Guilin Yangshuo Rapeseed Flower Photo Tour
Spring is the best season of Guilin Yangshuo photo tour, especially the blossom season of Rapeseed Flower in Yangshuo is the best time for wedding and romance photography. 3 Days Guilin Yangshuo Rapeseed Flower Photo Tour is a professional design Guilin photo tour with models of fishermen, cormorant fishing birds and your bamboo raft(s) arranged that save your time and money and guanrantee a successful Guilin photo tour. ...
Tour Type : Professional photo tour
Seasonal China Photography Tour

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