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5 Day Muslim Beijing Tour
5 Day Muslim Beijing Tour is an Islamic trip in Beijing, including the visit to Niujie(Ox Street) Mosque as well as other top attractions in Beijing. Islam was introduced into Beijing around 10th century. 5 Days Muslim tour in Beijing also provides you a chance to enjoy wonderful Islamic halal foods in Beijing. ...
Tour Type : Islamic China Travel Trip with Halal Meals
Beijing 3-Day Muslim Tour
Beijing 3-Day Muslim Tour Package is designed for Muslim travelers tour in Beijing. The history of Islam in Beijing can be traced back to Muslim traders and soldiers who came to China during the 7th through 14th centuries. You will see top rated attractions including famous Mosques in Beijing and enjoy halal food in Chinese Muslim restaurants. ...
Tour Type : Beijing Muslim tour, 3 days
Beijing 4-Day Muslim Tour
Welcome to select our Beijing Muslim tours! Beijing 4-Day Muslim Tour Package with quality service of Muslim tour arrangements, based on hot tourist attractions in Beijing including a private English speaking guide, private car or van, with Halal Food arranged! ...
Tour Type : Muslim Beijing Tour, 4 days
6 Days Beijing Muslim Tour Package From Tianjin
Best Beijing Muslim Tour operator offers 6 Days Beijing Muslim Tour Package From Tianjin provides the best service and travel routes for Muslim travelers. This tour is specially made for Muslim travelers covering Niujie Mosque, Hala Food and top tour attractions in Beijing. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Beijing Tour
Guilin 3-Day Muslim Tour Package
Highlights: Guilin Muslim Package Tour Itineraries: Essence of Guilin tour, 3 Days Guilin-Yangshuo-Guilin. Our Guilin Muslim tour packages are the best design of Guilin tours with special arrangement for Muslim friends' requirement, like halal food and Islamic restaurants. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Guilin Tour with halal food arranged
4 Days Muslim Guilin Tour Package
4 Days Muslim Guilin Tour Package is the best Guilin Yangshuo tour package designed for Muslim travelers with halal food arranged. Tourists will have a chance to see cormorant fishing, an unique way to catch fish and an adventure in the Crown Cave and Daxu ancient town. And comfortable Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo... ...
Tour Type : Muslim Tour package with halal food arranged
5 Days Guilin Muslim Package Tour
5 Days Guilin Muslim Package Tour is designed for Muslim travelers to travel in Guilin, especially for those tourists arrive in Guilin in a morning flight. All the transfers and transportations by air-conditioned van on private basis, are flexible and comfortable to provide you the personalized requirement. ...
Tour Type : Small Group Muslim Private Tour
6 Days Muslim Guilin Tour, Islamic Travel Package
6 Days Muslim Guilin Tour A is an ideal vacation package. Classic Guilin Tour plus Merryland Theme Park, which is a visit to Merryland Theme Park, gives a ton of fun for adults and children alike. Muslim Guilin Tour is designed to provide you with private, customized, comfortable and high quality service. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Guilin Tour with halal food arranged
6 Days Muslim Guilin Tour Package
The visit the Reed Flute Cave and the Elephant Trunk Hill and Li River cruise to Yangshuo is the typical Guilin tour plan. And the other highlight of Guilin tour is to visit the Dragon-Back Terraced Fields and villages of Miao, Yao People...
6 Days Muslim Guilin Tour B is the best design of in-depth Guilin tour. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Guilin Tour with halal food arranged
3 Days Muslim Shanghai Tour
Highlights: Are you looking for the best Muslim Tours and Halal Restaurants in Shanghai? We are leading local Shanghai Muslim Islamic Tours in China. 3 Days Muslim Shanghai Tour package is a private tour package designed for Muslim travelers. Our guide will recommend Muslim restaurants in Shanghai to enjoy halal foods. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Shanghai Tour with halal food arranged
4 Days Muslim Shanghai Tour
4 Days Muslim Shanghai Tour is the best Shanghai tour package with private tour guide and vehicle. Unforgettable Muslim travel experience with hot attractions and spots in Shanghai. Unbeatable Value for Money! ...
Tour Type : Muslim Shanghai Tour with halal food arranged

3-Day Xian Muslim Tour


from US$

3-Day Xian Muslim Tour
Highlights: Muslim was introduced to China in the mid 6 century when Arabian merchants and travelers came to the northwest of China by way of Persia and Afghanistan. After that they established diplomatic, trade, and military contacts with China. Many of them settled down in Xian and married local women who later gave birth to babies who then became Moslems. Their offspring are the Xian Muslim ancestors.

Apart from most of must-see Xian attractions Xian Muslim tour also brings you to local Muslim living section and Xian Muslim Mosques. The Meals are arranged in the local Muslim restaurants which will serve you Muslim snacks and specialties. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Xian Tour with halal food arranged
4 Days Muslim Xian Tour Package
4 Days Muslim Xian Tour Package Highlights: Uncover the treasure of the army of Terracotta Warriors stand guard over the treasures of the First Emperor, walking on the oldest city wall of China, visit Shaanxi Provincial History Museum in Xian and the Great Mosque, the most famous Mosque in China history, have a glimpse of local Islam people true life... ...
Tour Type : Muslim Xian Tour with halal food arranged
5 Days Guangzhou Shopping Tour for Muslim Travelers
Best vacation package for Muslim travelers to enjoy shopping tour in Guangzhou with delicious halal meals arranged in this 5 Days Guangzhou Shopping Tour for Muslim Travelers. Muslim travelers will visit the most famous mosques in Guangzhou, the most famous shopping streets and visit Guangzhou wholesale market at their leisure pace.Delicious halal meals will be arrange in this tour. ...
Tour Type : Muslim tour Guangzhou Package
6 Days Shanghai Suzhou Muslim Tour
6 Days Shanghai Suzhou Muslim Tour is a leisure sight-seeing tour package for muslim traveles to enjoy the beautiful scenery and modern life in Shanghai and Suzhou. ...
Tour Type : Muslim tour China
5 Days Guangzhou Chimelong Theme Park Tour
5 Days Guangzhou Chimelong Theme Park Tour is a very typical leisure shopping tour. Islamic halal meals will be arranged for Muslim travelers in this happy tour. ...
Tour Type : Private Muslim tour package
4 Days Guangzhou Leisure Shopping Tour
Muslim tour operator in China provides Guangzhou leisure shopping tours for muslim travelers with halal foods arranged. Muslim tourists will visit Huaisheng Mosque, some famous tour attractions and explore whole sale markets in Guangzhou. Tourists will enjoy delicious Halal foods in this 4 Days Guangzhou Leisure Shopping Tour ...
Tour Type : Private group Muslim tour
6 Days Zhangjiajie Muslim Tour
Zhangjiajie is famous worldwide for its pristine national scenery. In this 6 Days Zhangjiajie Muslim Tour, you will enjoy to see Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Huangshizai, Golden Whip Stream etc.. Also you can visit some Ancient Mosques and dining in Muslim Restaurants. ...
Tour Type : Private group Muslim package with halal food arranged
3 Days Muslim Nanjing Tour
Nanjing, one of the most attractive cities in eastern China. There are quite a lot historical attractions and natural beaty to see in Nanjing, including Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Ming Palace, the Tomb of Zhu Yuanzhang and the Yangtze River Bridge. Holiday China Tour provide best service to Muslim travelers of their Nanjing tour. ...
Tour Type : Muslim private package tour
Islamic Muslim 4 Days Zhangjiajie Tour
Holiday China Tour provides you Islamic Muslim 4 Days Zhangjiajie Tour package with Islamic halal food arranged for Muslim travelers. You will visit Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the Golden Whip Stream, Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Yellow dragon cave, and etc. You will enjoy to see the best of Zhangjiajie sceneries and local authentic Islamic cuisine. ...
Tour Type : Private group Muslim package with halal food arranged
6 Days Muslim Tour Yunnan Kunming Dali Lijiang
Private group Muslim tour package to vsisit Kunming, Dali and Lijiang with halal meals arranged. This is a 6 Days Muslim Tour in Yunnan at best prices and quality service. You will enjoy to see most popular sight-seeing attractions in Yunnan Province and the friendly minority peoples in Kunming, Dali and Lijiang. ...
Tour Type : Private Group Muslim Tour package
9 Days Beijing and Inner Mongolia Muslim Package
9 Days Beijing and Inner Mongolia Muslim Package is one of the best China tour include a trip to Inner Mongolia! You will never forget your unique travel experience in the endless grassland and desert in Inner Mongolia. You will enjoy wonderful fun of horseback riding and the interesting Mongolian Yurt could be part of your memory of a lifetime! ...
Tour Type : Muslim China tour, 9 days
7 Days Muslim China Tour of Shanghai and Xian
7 Days Muslim China Tour of Shanghai and Xian will take you to discover the most impressive charms of Shanghai and Xian within 7 days time. You will visit the Bund, Jade Buddha Temple, Nanjing Road in Shanghai and Terracotta Warriors, Bell Tower, City Wall, History Museum, Great Mosque and Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian. ...
Tour Type : Muslim China tour
Muslim China Tour with Yangtze River Cruises
12 Days Essential China tour with Yangtze River Cruise tour is the best design for Muslim travelers. You will enjoy a wonderful China tour experience in Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Yangtze Tour, Yichang and Shanghai. Enjoy professional Muslim tour service and Chinese characteristic Muslim Halal food. ...
Tour Type : Muslim China tour
12 Days Muslim China Tour Beijing, Xian and Harbin
12 Days China Muslim Tour Package Beijing, Xian and Harbin is designed for the Muslim clients from all over the world. Apart from must-go attractions, our Muslim tours also take travelers go to local Islamic Mosques and restaurants or have a easy walking in local Muslim communities, which we believe take clients some invaluable experience. ...
Tour Type : Muslim Tour China with halal food arranged
Muslim China Tour to Beijing and Shanghai
8 Days 7 nights Muslim China tour to Beijing and Shanghai with 6 nights star hotel accommodations and 1 night soft sleepers on train saves your money and time to travel top China Tour cities. With decades of experience in Muslim tour service in China, our mission is to provide you with the best quality Muslim China tours at the most affordable prices. ...
Tour Type : Muslim China Tour with halal food arranged
8 Days Beijing and Shanghai Muslim Tours
8 days and 7 nights Beijing and Shanghai Muslim Tour is the best Muslim China tour arrangement to Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing private tour show you main sceneries of Beijing as well as the most stunning architectural wonders in the world. And the days in Shanghai you will see the classic Shanghai attractions that seamless mix of modern and traditional, east and west. ...
Tour Type : Muslim China Tour with halal food arranged
How to book a Private Muslim China Tour
Holiday China Tour provides "private tour service" all over China. We will design your Islamic Muslim China trips according to your needs and budget for free! During your tour in China, the local tour services will include a knowledgeable local tour guide, a licensed driver and a comfortable vehicle. Our Muslim China Tour packages are all private tours with private guide and private van. Prayer time is reserved and we can provide you with local prayer timetable and direction of the Qibla ( i.e. Makkah ) upon request..
We provide both pre-designed Muslim China Tour packages and flexible customized tours. All the package tours and prices provided on our website are only for your reference. Just tell us your travel request to plan your own China tour and we take care of the rest according to your requirements.
Easy steps for how to book a private Islamic China tour:
1.Send us a confirmation and inform us you agree to your itinerary and price.
2.Prepay certain amount of deposit if it is required.
3.Once we receive your deposit, we will make all the reservations according to your itinerary.
4.If you are ready to book a Islamic China tour now, please send us an inquiry using our online inquiry form. This is not a commitment and costs no money
A Brief Introduction Of Hui
Hui Overview: The Hui people are the third largest ethnic minority of the 56 ethnic minorities in China. Mainly descendants of Arab traders and soldiers. The ancestors of Hui were mixed race of Arabs, Persians, Turks, Jews, as well as Mongolian and Han Chinese. Hui is now regarded as one of China's ethnic minorities, the majority of Hui people are Muslims and believe in the Islamic religion. Islam means obedience, peace, harmony. And Islamic believers are called "Muslims." Muslim's basic beliefs are: belief in Allah; faith in angel; belief in Koran; faith in Prophet Muhammad; faith in later world; faith before the set. Allah is the only God. Hui people not eat pork, dog, horse, donkey and mule meat, and eat without the slaughter of Muslims and those from the dead, do not eat animal blood, etc.; taboo to others in their own home smoking, drinking ; disabled food joke, not what can the metaphor of fasting, such as: on behalf of the wine with water or drinks, etc.; banned arms in front of people exposed breast, diet, pay great attention to hygiene.
Muslim fasting pork: Allah in the "Koran", he said: "He only forbids you to eat from the dead, blood, pork, and chanting the name of Allah slaughter of non-animal." First of all to obey the commands of Allah, Allah against the Muslim to eat pork, the main compliance by the Muslim faith do not eat pork. Second: is to clean. Now scientists have found that pork contains a virus, bacteria and parasites up to dozens, harm to human, indicating that the Muslim Allah prohibits Muslims from eating pork is a blessing. Muslims do not eat the same and other strange beasts Xiongqin, greedy, cruel animal. Muslim food standards is "pleasant," such as "Good looking, warm, clean," edible, "looks different, evil, dirty," do not eat.
Prohibition of alcohol: Allah in the "Koran", said: "who believe ah! Drinking, gambling, and worship like, divination, but a foul line, but the behavior of the devil, it is far away, so that you succeed." (5 : 90). This is the "Koran" Muslims do not drink expressly provided, that Muslims should obey God's command. Question about wine, the Prophet said: All of intoxicating beverages is prohibited. People can see the wine is drunk, the kind of things make people irrational, is likely to lose their faith. Prohibition of Islam itself, from human health, intellectual integrity, family harmony put forward is to allow human beings to enjoy a peaceful life.
China's Muslim ethnic
There are ten national minorities believe in Islam in China, they are: the Hui, Uygur, Kazak, Ozbek, Tajik, Tatar, Kirgiz, Salar, Dongxiang and Baoan.
Hui, also known as the Hui ethnic, population of 860.2978 million (1990 statistics). They mainly speak Chinese, whose ancestors first came to China Arabs, Persians, Central Asian Muslims, Uighurs, and believe in Islam as the main body of the Han, Mongolian, Tibetan and other ethnic long-term common interest, formed by the development of fusion. Received a number of traditional Confucian culture and customs, and accept the Chinese as their national language, but maintained the basic doctrines and teachings of Islam. The vast majority are Sunni, teaching methods is to send Kazakhstan is Pei. Dispersed population distribution for large and small concentration.
Uighur, population of 721.4431 million (1990), mainly in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, most of them live in southern Xinjiang. Using the Uyghur language, is a Turkic Altaic.
Kazakh, population of 111.1718 million (1990), mainly in the Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture in northern Xinjiang, there are three county: Xinjiang Autonomous County, Gansu Axe Autonomous County and Kazak Autonomous County. Use of Kazakh, Altai is a Turkic language.
Kirgiz, also known as the Kyrgyz population of 14.1549 million (1990), 80% live in the southern Kyzyl Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, the rest live in the South West and other county in North West. Kirgiz language use, is a Turkic language family, but also to use Uighur language.
Tajik, population of 3.3538 million (1990), 60% are located in the eastern Pamirs Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, 40% are scattered in Lufthansa East, Zep, Yecheng, leather mountain counties. Tajik is a white race, the Tajik language belongs to Indo-Iranian language family, speak East Iranian language.
Ozbek, descendants of the Lite, Huacizi, Feiergan and Saha-Masagaite people, population 1.4502 million (1990), scattered in Xinjiang, Urumqi, Yining, Tacheng, Sha East, Kashgar and other cities, using the Uzbekistan language, is a Turkic Altaic. Got the name from the 14th century Mongol Khanate Uzbekistan Kipchak Khan (1312-1340).
Tatar, population of 4873 people, scattered in Yining, Tacheng, Urumqi and other cities, the use of Tatar language, an Altai Turkic language, and Uygur, Kazak mixed, but also common language of the two peoples.
Salar, the population 8.7697 million. Mainly live in Salar Autonomous County of Qinghai Province, the rest scattered in Hualong Hui Autonomous County in Qinghai Province and Gansu Jishishan Bao'an, Dongxiang, Salar Autonomous County and other places. Salar language use, is a Turkic Altaic, no text, the general common Chinese, many people through the Tibetan language.
Dongxiang, population of 37.3872 thousand (1990) are concentrated in Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Dongxiang Autonomous County, the existing 310 thousand people, the rest scattered in other counties Linxia, Lanzhou, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Changji, Ili, Tacheng and other places. Mongolian language is Altaic family, plus many miscellaneous Turkic, Persian, Arabic words, no text.
Bonan, they are descended of Muslim Mongol soldiers, population 1.2212 million people, mainly live in of Hui Jishishan Bao'an, Dongxiang, Salar Autonomous County, a few scattered in other counties and prefectures in Qinghai Linxia Xunhua County. Using security language, is a Mongolian Altai language family, and no text.

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