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5 Days Kunming and Shadian Muslim Tour
You will enjoy to see the world heritage Stone Forest in Kunming and the biggest Mosque in South-east Asia in this 5 Days Kunming and Shadian Muslim Tour. Super Value China Islamic Tours ...
Tour Type : Private Group Muslim Tour package
12 Days western Yunnan with China-Burma border Tour
12 Days western Yunnan with the China-Burma border Tour is an adventure Yunnan tour. You will visit major Yunnan tour destinations like Kunming, Lijiang, Dali and Shangri La, you will also visit Tengchong, Mangshi, Ruili and some villages and towns the western part of Yunnan at the China-Burma border. ...
Tour Type : Package Tour
17 Days Western Yunnan Tour with Nujiang Grand Canyon
This is an in-depth Yunnan tour. 17 Days Western Yunnan with Nujiang Grand Canyon Tour is a great vacation package and the most memorable China tour experience. You will enjoy to see the best of Yunnan as well as some of the most primitive and less visited places in this in-depth Yunnan tour. ...
Tour Type : Package Tour
8 Days Kunming-Dali-Lijiang Tour by car
Kunming, Dali and Lijiang are the most popular Yunnan tour destinations. 8 Days Kunming-Dali-Lijiang Tour by car is an ideal Yunnan package tour for small group travelers to travel in Yunnan province. We can also customize Yunnan tours according to your budget and travel plans. ...
Tour Type : Package Tour
Classic 12 Days Yunnan Tour with Tropical Forest
12 Days yunnan Classic Tour with Tropical Forest is a private China tour. Enjoy cycling adventures tour, tropical rain forest, 12-Day Classic China Vacations to visit Kunming, Dali, Shangri-La, Lijiang, and Lugu Lake, the Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden, Wild Elephant Valley, Jinuo Ethnic group's villagesi in Xishuangbanna... ...
Tour Type : Package Tour
Classic 11 Days Yunna Tour With Tropical Forest
11 Days Yunna Classic Tour With Tropical Forest is a very popular Yunnan tour package includes the most attractive tour destinations of Yunnan. You will visit Kunming, Shangri La, Lijiang, Dali, Jinghong and the tropical rainforest of southern Yunnan, Xishuangbanna. This is the most fascinating package of Yunnan tour. ...
Tour Type : Package Tour
12 Days Yunnan Tour with Yuanyang Rice Terrace
12 Days Yunnan classic Tour with Yuanyang Rice Terrace. Visit Hani people (ethnic minority) villages and markets where locals wear their colorful traditional costumes. ...
Tour Type : Package Tour
14 Days Lugu lake Shangri La MeiLi Snow Mountain Tour
14Days Yunnan Lugu lake-Shangri La MeiLi Snow Mountain Tour takes you to the best of southwestern China, from the capital of Yunnan province. You will enjoy a wonderful experience Yunnan culture and minority folk custom with best price guaranted! ...
Tour Type : Package Tour
8 Days Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangrila train Tour
Kunming is the hub of train transportation in Yunnan. Train tour in Yunnan could be a very unique experience of China tour. 8 Days Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shangrila-Kunming ( train ) Tour is a best Yunnan private escorted tour to see the unique minority life and beautiful landscapes in Yunnan province. ...
Tour Type : Package Tour
8 Days Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangrila Tour
8 Days Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shangrila-Kunming Tour covers 4 major tourist cities in Yunnan. We will bring you to see the best well known attractions together with a wide range of natural wonders as well as colorful life of minorities in Yunnan. ...
Tour Type : Package tour
Brief Introduction of Yunnan Province
Yunnan is the most southwestern province in China, with the Tropic of Cancer running through its southern part. The province has an area of 394,000 square km, 4.1 percent of the nation's total. The province borders Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Guizhou Province in the east, Sichuan Province in the north, and Tibet Autonomous Region in the northwest. It shares a border of 4,060 km with Myanmar in the west, Laos in the south, and Vietnam in the southeast.

Yunnan is rich in natural resources as well as tourism resources, including beautiful landscape, colorful ethnic customs, and a pleasant climate. Yunnan has the highest number of ethnic groups among all provinces and autonomous regions in China. Among the country's 56 ethnic groups, 25 are found in Yunnan. Some 38.07 percent of the province's population are members of minorities including the Yi, Bai, Hani, Zhuang, Dai, Miao, Lisu, Hui, Lahu, Va, Naxi, Yao, Tibetan, Jingpo, Blang, Pumi, Nu, Achang, Jino, Mongolian, Drung, Manchu, Shui, and Bouyei. Each minority has at least 8,000 people.

Impression Yunnan Tour: Yunnan city tours, Yunnan private escorted tours, Yunnan historical tour, etc. All the tours in Yunnan are customizable to fit your own pace. Private Yunnan tour packages and Yunnan day tours for your vacations and holidays in Yunnan China. Day trips, sightseeing tours and in depth tours in Yunnan visiting Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shangri-la and more ...
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