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Holiday China Tour launches a series promotion programs for China inbound tours. You can enjoy the off-season promotion, including, hotels, flights, car-rental, sight tickets, even the restaurants. Our promotion China tour packages include most major tour destinations in China. We will customize your tour package to fit your needs, and promotion program will offer you cheap China tours at discount china tour prices.

Off-Season Promotion

China Tour Off-season Promotion
China Tour Off-season Promotion
Get up to 10% discount on the regular price. Excellent Budget with Excellent Itinerary for All Key Scenic Spots .
Best Price for Prepaid Customers
Best Price for Prepaid Customers
You can save your money 5-10% if you are going to make your booking in advance on our designated tours! Get deep discounts on flights, hotels, rental cars, vacations and cruises. you will get Early Bird offer with exclusive travel discounts you won't find anywhere else.
Special Promotion Tours
We offer the best rates for the budget traveler, best local providers to offer special promotional tours. You will have a great China tour at a very reasonable price.

Discount for Subscribers

Mailing List Subscribers
Mailing List Subscribers
Join our mailing list to receive special offers and the latest promotion. You will be the first to know of our special promotional tour price for subscribers.
Discount for RSS and Share Subscribers
Discount for RSS and Share Subscribers
Holiday China Tour hope to get more traffic with the most popular sharing platform in the world. We encourange pottential customers to share our content everywhere. Subscribers will receive updates of the latest rates & promotions. It only takes you a few seconds to get the job done, and it's free!
Articles Contributors
Articles Contributors
We seek China tour related article and photography contributions. Critique & contributions are invited. We only publish original articles. Contributors are free to resell their articles after publication. We particular thank to whom read our webpages give us suggestions and corrections.

Holiday Tour Promotion

China Tour Promotion in Spring
Spring is the best season of China Tour. All the flowers are blooming and all the trees and grass are green. It is warm and good for outdoor activities. Tour prices are usually rise in Spring. Holiday China Tour provides Spring Promotion packages
China Tour Promotion in Summer
China Tour Promotion in Summer
Summer is the best season for a vacation. It is usually the peak season or high season of China tour. Send us an email with the subjet: "Summer Promotion". You will enjoy off-season price in Summer.
China Tour Promotion in Autumn
China Tour Promotion in Autumn
Autumn is a colorful season. It is also the best season to play outdoors and do photo-shooting for harvest and Autumn leaves. It is holidays season best for hiking.
China Tour Promotion in Winter
Winter is usually a low season of tourism, but winter is also season of holidays and vacations. China is big country with lot of beautiful attractions worth to explore especially in winter. Join our winter promotion plan, you will enjoy a wonderful winter vacation in China.
Special Market Promotion
Discount for Seniors
Discount for Seniors
Holiday China Tour will help senior travelers in many ways to save money while traveling in China. Subscribe to our mailing list or bookmark relevant webpage, you will find the best senior travel discounts. You can also contact our online tour operators to learn how to get discounts for traveling seniors.
Discount for Groups
offers the combination travel tours and daytrips at the best rate on Earth.
Discount for Muslims
Holiday China Tour is a top leading Muslim tour operator in China. China is among the top destinations for Muslim tourists
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